• Expertise in Robotic Surgery
  • Clinical Trial Opportunities
  • Academic-Level Care in a
  • Private Practice Setting
  • On-site Chemotherapy
  • Treatment at: 1150 N. 35th Avenue location
  • Offices Located on Memorial Healthcare System Campuses
ON-SITE Chemotherapy
Gynecologic Oncology Associates is conveniently equipped by having its own on-site chemotherapy center located in the Hollywood office. This center offers patients a comfortable and warm personalized environment. Aubrey Burt, the certified nurse specialist, has been in the oncology field since 1978. His expertise and one-on-one care in working with gynecologic oncology patients help to comfort and support women through this time.
On-Site Infusion Center On-Site Chemotherapy Pharmacy
  • Comforting support group environment with fellow patients experiencing similar issues
  • Individual patient bays with TV, DVD, and Radio; personal cell phone use allowed
  • Drug formulas are mixed by your oncology nurse on site
  • Clinical Research Site, affiliated with Sheridan Clinical Research offering Clinical Trials in GYN-Oncology
  • Approximately 25% of the patients referred to the center are eligible for Clinical Trials
  • Free Valet Parking
  • Insurance pre-approved prior to therapy
  • No need to go through lengthy hospital admissions
  • No wait time for appointments
  • Using the center allows your GYN oncologist to remain in charge of your chemotherapy care